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Class Cancellations

We follow the Columbia County School Calendar. Classes cancelled due to Columbia County Board of Education will not be made up and, unforeseen, studio closings will be posted on our website. Tuition will not be prorated.

In order to avoid payment of the next month's tuition, you must cancel class enrollment, by phone or email, within 10 days of the next month.

Missed Classes

If we offer another class equal to the class your child is enrolled in, you may make up that class through December, 2022. If a child misses a class due to, personal, reasons tuition is, still, due in full.

In January, we begin teaching each class their recital dances, and do not permit make up classes after December.

Delinquent accounts with unpaid balances may not make up missed classes until the unpaid balance is addressed.

Dropped/Added Classes

All classes must have a minimum amount of students to remain active. Art in Motion reserves the right to drop or create any class, at any time, due to low or high enrollment. Parents will be notified in a timely manner, and best efforts will be made to accommodate those students affected by the change in schedule.