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Venue, Dates, Tickets

Date, Time, Location

Matinee Show Dances

  1. Monday and Wednesday Kinderdance 1
  2. Mommy and Me
  3. Saturday Kinderdance 1 and 2
  4. Monday and Saturday Level 1 Ballet, Tap and Jazz
  5. Level 1 Hip Hop
  6. Performance Teams 1 and 2
  7. Level 4 Ballet
  8. Level 4 Hip Hop
  9. Level 4 Lyrical
  10. Level 2 Jazz and Tap
  11. Level 3 Tap

Evening Show Dances

  1. Tuesday and Thursday Kinderdance 2
  2. Level 2 Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop
  3. Performance Teams 1 and 2
  4. Level 4 Ballet, Jazz, lyrical and Hip Hop
  5. Pointe
  6. Level 3 Ballet
  7. Level 3 Tap
  8. Level 3 Hip Hop
  9. Finale


  • $15/ticket.
  • 3 tickets per family due to seating limitations.
  • No additional ticket/charge for children 3 years or younger who may sit in parents' laps.
  • Tickets already purchased or allotted may be picked up at the studio, and the remaining will go on sale to the general public beginning August 1st, 2020.


Volunteers for both shows - as always we need YOU! Sign up sheet in lobby to volunteer backstage. To say thank you those that sign up will receive free registration for Fall Classes.


I am raffling off one week 5 days and 6 nights at our cabin in Blue Ridge Ga. Tickets are $5 each. Pictures of the cabin and raffle tickets will be in lobby of studio beginning Monday July 6. Winner has up to one year to book and will be announced end of the evening show. Need not be present to win.

Tights, Shoes, Hair, Makeup

Specifically for the day of recitals on Sunday, August 16th, 2020.

Tights and Shoes

Tights and shoes may be purchased at Tutu's and Dance Shoes off of Davis Road in Martinez. Tights may alternatively be purchased via Amazon online.

The following classes are required to have the following tights:

  • Brand: Body Wrappers / Color: Jazzy Tan / Style: Footed (#1-#5)
    • Mommy and Me Class – Shoes Pink Ballet
    • All Kinderdance 1 & 2 Classes Shoes Pink Ballet/Tan Taps
    • Level 1 Jazz (Tan Jazz Boot) Level 1 Tap (Tan Tap Oxford)
    • Level 1 Hip Hop (Black Tennis Shoes) & Level 1 Ballet (Pink Ballet)
    • Level 2 Jazz (Tan Jazz Boot) , Hip Hop (Black Tennis Shoes) and Ballet (Pink Ballet Shoes)
    • Level 3 Tap (Tan Tap Oxford) , Ballet (Pink Ballet Shoes) and Hip Hop (Black Tennis Shoes)
  • Brand: Body Wrappers / Color: Black / Style: Footed (#6)
    • Level 2 Tap (Tan Tap Oxford)
  • Brand: Body Wrappers / Color: Jazzy Tan / Style: CONVERTIBLE (#7 - #13)
    • Lyrical/Modern - Barefoot
    • Level 3 Tap – Tan Tap Oxfords
    • Level 4 Jazz - Tan Jazz Boots
    • Pointe - Pink Pointe Shoes
    • Performance Team 1 (as instructed)
    • Performance Team 2 (as instructed)
    • Finale Dancers - Barefoot
  • Came with Costume:
    • Level 4 Ballet /Black footless Tights- Barefoot
    • Level 4 Hip Hop Black Capri Pants /Black Tennis Shoes


Mommy and Me and All Kinderdance Classes 1 & 2 may wear their hair anyway you please. If they have a hairpiece PLEASE make sure they have it in their hair.

All Classes Level 1 and up, hair (GIRLS in low ponytail base of neck centered. You may part your hair any way you want. If you have bangs that is fine. Please slick back any fly aways. Ponytail popper should be as close to the color of your hair as possible.

Make sure all your hairpieces (if any) are with your costume. On the day of rehearsals August 14th, 2020 we will show you where each hairpiece will go.


We do not require, but highly recommend, makeup for the stage. Our bare recommendation is for students to wear lip stick and blush. Please stick with lip colors in the PLUM family and Eye Shadow in the Earth tone family such as brown or a beige-pink - nothing with a sheen or sparkle.

Pete Wilson Photography

Pete Wilson Photography will be taking pictures again this year

Recital Pictures

We will be taking pictures at the studio August 8, 10 and 11.

This will be by appointment only and taking only 5 students at a time. This is first come first serve.

To select your day and time we highly suggest you sign up soon. Sign up sheets for each day or in the studio lobby.

Recital Videos

  • Recital videos $30 per family
  • Package includes both shows, candid shots taken of classes during each show
  • Deadline to order is August 11 (order forms in studio lobby)

Recital Rehearsal

August 14th, 2020 -- Miller Theater, 708 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901

Dancer Attire/Costumes

Dancers are required to wear their class dance attire and bring correct dance shoes for their numbers. Do not wear or bring your recital costume and unless you have been instructed too by your teacher, or if you're in one or more of the following classes:

  • Level 4 Hip Hop
  • Lyrical/Modern
  • Level 4 Ballet and Pointe


During dress rehearsal, teachers will wear their hair just as we have asked the students to wear theirs for the recital. Specifically, it is a very low pony tail. Students may wear bangs if they have them, and may part hair in the middle or to the side. We strongly recommend that students with short hair either wear a headband of a color being as close to their hair color as possible, or braid their hair, whichever the student prefers, in order to keep the hair from flying all over the place and to make sure we see those beautiful faces!

The only students excluded here are those for both Kinderdance levels and the Mommy & Me class. Students for these classes may wear their hair any way they please.

Guidelines and Instructions

  1. Adults are required to wear a mask
  2. Enter the Orchestra Section NOT Balcony.
  3. Look for your Class sign and sit in that area - Signs will read:
    • Mommy & Me and All Kinderdance Classes
    • All of Level 1 Classes
    • All of Level 2 Classes
    • All Level 3 & 4 Classes
  4. If you are in different levels please sit with the class level you dance with the most.
  5. Follow the schedule attached and have your shoes ready for change
  6. Once you have completed all your dances you may leave.

Dressing Rooms

BEFORE YOU GO LOCATE YOUR DANCERS DRESSING ROOM - they are located to the right of the Entrance to Miller. There will be a sign on the door that says DRESSING ROOMS. This is where you will enter and where you will pick up your child after the show.

ONE parent only is allowed in dressing room area during Rehearsals and Day of Shows. If that one parent is a male you may take your dancer to the dressing room door but not allowed to enter.

A Volunteer or Teacher will be there to assist you.